Zuppa di Patate pepata

This is probably one of my favorite soups for Winter; it is smooth, filling, and comforting. It is really perfect to eat when you want to cuddle up under a blanket while watching a romantic comedy.


– 5 large potatoes

– 500 ml vegetable or chicken stock

– whipping cream

– EVO oil

– salt and pepper to taste

– bread

– garlic


Fill a large and deep pot with col water and put it to boil; once it is ready, put the potatoes in the boiling water till soft. In the meantime, warm up the stock. Strain the water, peel the potatoes and chop them in small pieces you will put back into the pot. Add half of the stock, the salt and the pepper and blend it. Add more stock according to your taste. Lastly, add some of the cream and mix with a spoon so it will not whip. Toast the bread and rub it with some garlic and EVO oil. Serve the soup hot and finish with a touch of EVO oil.


Voila’! A perfect comforting Winter soup! Enjoy and stay tuned for the next recipe!


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