Pomodori secchi sott’olio

Slide2Jarring dry tomatoes is something I used to do with my mom at the end of every Summer when I was still living in Modena, Italy. We would drive to the fresh market in the city center, get the best dry tomatoes, and jar them the same day. Now, I live far, far away from my home town, but I still enjoy keeping this tradition alive; they still taste very good, but they have a “different flavor”.


Quantities are totally up to you depending on how big the jars are and how many you want to fill

– dry tomatoes

– garlic cloves unpeeled

– dry oregano

– capers

– EVO oil

– white wine vinegar

– glass jars with brand new lids (don’ t recycle old ones since they will likely not close perfectly and air may go inside spoiling the tomatoes)


In a deep pot, boil water with some vinegar. Boil each glass for about 5 min; take it out with the help of a wooden spoon and place it on a clean piece of cloth till completely dry. Peel the garlic cloves, cut them in thin slices, and keep them aside.

Once the jars are dry, simply place the tomatoes in the jars making layers and randomly placing garlic, capers, and oregano between them. Add more or less according to your taste. I like the tomatoes to be very tasty, so I use a lot of garlic ad oregano. Once you have filled the jar, start pouring the EVO Oil to fill all the empty space and cover the tomatoes completely.

Press the tomatoes down with a fork to allow more Oil to fill the jar. Try to leave the least amount of air possible. Once filled, closed the jar tightly and place them in a dry and dark place. You can potentially eat them after a few weeks, but I recommend letting them marinate for at least 3 months. The longer you let them marinate, the better the taste!

Tips 1: if the tomatoes are too dry when you buy them, you can boil them for about a minute in salted water the night before. Place the tomatoes on a clean cloth and let them dry at least for 10 hours. Make sure they are completely dry before jarring them.

Tips 2: the extra oil you will have will have a fantastic taste and you can use it to dress salads or meat, poultry, fish, or simply pour it on a toasted slice of bread for a late night treat.

Enjoy and invent your own recipes with these fantastic and so-easy-to-make dry tomatoes.


Slide3Leave me your feedback and stay tuned for the next recipe!



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