Vellutata ai Broccoli

I have always loved soups, but I am not the biggest fan of broccoli. However, they are healthy, and I had to find a way to eat them. What about a yummy soup? It seemed perfect! Indeed, it was. This is one of the very first soups I have learned to make and it’s perfect for beginners, and also for those kids (and adults) who do not want to eat broccoli.


– broccoli “heads”(you can choose the amount, according to how much you want to make. For two people at least 2 big pieces)

– vegetable stock

– heavy cream (or cream fraiche if you prefer the taste)

– whole grain bread

– salt and pepper


Fill a deep pot with cold water and place the broccoli in it (even the hard stem if you want); close with a lid. Bring the water to boil and continue to cook until the broccoli soften. When almost done, warm up the stock. Once the broccoli are done, drain the water and in the same pot add some of the stock, salt, pepper to adjust the taste and blend. I personally like to have a smooth soup, but you can leave some broccoli chunks if you like the taste. Once ready, add some cream and stir with a spoon not with the blender otherwise it whips. Note: I always recommend to start with not too much stock at the beginning. You can always add more, but if it’s too much and the soup is too liquid, you cannot remove it, so just add it gradually. Toast a piece of whole grain bread and cut it into pieces you will put in the soup. What else? Enjoy the soup!

broccoli soup


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