Zuppa rinfrescante al basilico e carote arrostitie (Refreshing Roasted Carrots and Basil Soup )

The Spring has finally arrived and the Summer is behind the door, so why don’t celebrate it using some fresh basil and delicious local organic carrots? I know that soups are more popular during Winter, but I would personally have them all year long and I try to use seasonal veggies to make them. I love basil and I use it for many dishes, from Bruschetta to pasta, to fruit smoothies; I just love the refreshing and comforting taste it leaves in your mouth. I have never made this soup before, and I was surprised by the light and great taste, not to mention how quickly you can prepare it. Here is what you need:

  • Fresh Basil leaves
  • 4 medium organic carrots
  • 1 large organic yellow potato
  • 4 – 5 long celery stems with leaves
  • vegetable stock, about 1L, but you will not need it all
  • Salt, pepper, and chilly powder
  • Sweet basil EVO Oil (or just EVO Oil if you do not have the other)

IMG_20130418_210057_368Heat the oven on 200 C (400 F). Peel and cut in half the carrots on the long side. Place them on a baking pan and dress with salt, pepper, chilly powder and place some basil leaves on top. Cover with aluminum foil. Let cook for about 15 min, then uncover and let them cook for another 5 min. In the meantime peel the potato and chop it in equal pieces and place in cold salted water. Put on the fire and let it cook. Clean the celery and chop it. Once the potato is almost done, add the celery. Prepare vegetable stock and keep it warm. Once the carrots are ready, remove the basil leaves (you will not need them anymore) and place the carrots in a  food processor. Drain the potato and the celery and place them into the food processor. Add about 5 large basil leaves and some of the stock. Do not add too much because if it becomes too liquid you will not be able to make it ticker anymore. Start the food processor and once you have a smooth mix, adjust with salt, pepper, and stock if needed. I loooove basil taste, so I actually used 10 large leaves. This is up to you. Once ready, place in a bowl and add some olive oil on the top. Enjoy!

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