Torta all’arancia (Orange Cake)

This is a cake that I used to make during the Spring when I was still in Italy. No matter where I am, whenever I make it, it makes me feel at home. It is a very simple cake to make and the result is delicious. I guarantee it.


  • 130g of unsalted butter
  • 120 – 140g of sugar (it depends if you like it more sweet)
  • 150g all purpose flour
  • 50g of corn OR potato starch
  • 25g of baking powder OR 1 bag (16g) or Lievito “Pane Angeli”
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 medium organic oranges
  • Icing sugar
  • 150 – 200ml of non fat milk (you can also use other type of milk)
  • Salt


Preheat the oven at 180 C. Wash the oranges and grate the zest of 2 of them and keep it in a small bowl. Squeeze the juice of the oranges (you can filter it, or you can keep some of the pulp too. I like the pulp, it gives the cake a better taste). Mix the butter with the sugar. You can use a hand mixer if you want a smooth mix. Add the 2 eggs one at the time: be sure that the first one is well incorporated before adding the other. Start adding the flour with the help of sieve to avoid lumps. If you see that the mix becomes too tick, add some milk. Finish to add the flour and the corn starch with the help of the sieve. Add a pinch of salt. Now add the orange juice and the zest and continue to mix. Now you can add the baking powder and mix it very well. Once your mix is smooth, open the last egg, separate the yolk and the white and whip the white putting a pinch of salt to help it whip. Once whipped, add it to the mix you have done previously. Note: when you add the whipped egg white, you have to use a spoon and you have to add it to the mix with movements from the bottom to the top otherwise it will “dissemble”.Take the cake pan, spread some butter on the bottom and the walls and spread some flour too. Eliminate the extra. Place the mix into the baking pan and leave in the oven for about 30 minutes. Once the cake is ready, let it cool down then squeeze the juice of the last orange and spread it on the top of the cake, then cover it with icing sugar to make it even yummier. Enjoy!







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