Torta alle mele della nonna Francesca (my grandma’s apple cake)

This apple cake is a very traditional Italian dessert. It is the first one that my grandma taught me how to make and it is still my favorite and most delicious.




For this cake you need:

1Kg of apples “Golden”

70g of cane sugar to marinate the apples

180g of cane sugar for the cake

160g of unsalted butter

250g of all purpose flour

50g of corn or potato starch

30g of baking powder (or 1bag of Lievito Bertolini for desserts)

3 eggs

150ml of fat free milk, room temperature

Optional: 1/2 glass of “Sassolino” liquor, or any other liquor with the flavor of anise or even almond is fine.

Optional: cinnamon powder



Peel the apples and cut them evenly so all the pieces will have the same cooking time. Place them into a bowl and add the 70g of sugar. Mix it all so the sugar will spread and melt evenly. Close the bowl and let the apples marinate for about 3h. If you have decided to use the liquor and/or the cinnamon, add it too to the apples.


Preheat the oven to 180C or 375F. In another bowl mix the butter that you have previously left out of the fridge to let it get soft, and the 180g of sugar. With the help of a whisk, combine the butter and the sugar until you obtain a smooth and creamy mix. Add the whole eggs; add the second only after the first one is well incorporated with the previous mix you made. Mix it well until you have a smooth mix.


Once your mix is smooth, with the help of a sieve, add the 2 flours. Continue to mix with the whisk. If you see that the mix is too thick, add some milk. Finish to add the flours and the milk.


Take a spring form and spread a very light layer of butter on the bottom and on the walls. Pass some flour and eliminate the surplus. This way your mix will not stick to the spring form. Once your mix is very smooth and the spring form is ready to be used, add the baking powder to your mix and whisk very well. Add the mix to the apples and mix it all together. Place the apple mix into the spring form and place in the oven for about 30 – 40 min; coking time may vary according to the oven. To check if the cake is ready, after 20 min, place a toothpick or a thin knife in the middle and if it is wet or you see raw “dough”, it is not ready. Once the toothpick comes out dry, the cake is ready. However, you do not want to have the toothpick too dry, but it is better that it is a bit wet because when you will take the cake out of the over, it will continue to cook for a while. You want to have a rich and moist apple cake! Follow my directions and the result will be delicious!

Here you go!




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