Tasty post

These are some of the dishes I made over the past years. I think it’s a joy for the eyes and for the mouth to see them. No recipes in this post.

Slide6Delicious Italian meringue, whole grain blueberries pancakes, and vanilla mini-muffins


Torta cioccolatina (flowerless chocolate cake), and poppy seed lemon plum cake


Carrots, coconut, and almond cake finished with a gorgeous layer of dark chocolate and almonds


On the left: chocolate muffins. In the bottom: sugar and butter free yogurt muffin


Oven cooked chicken roll with curry, chili, pepper, mint and home made dry tomatoes, Thanksgiving stuffed turkey with carrots, onion, and parsley, and creamy mushroom and garlic soup.


Farro salad with zucchini, red pepper and soy sauce, spaghetti with home made dry tomatoes and oregano, home made “pesto alla genovese” and mid morning break with blackberries and watermelon.

Slide7Home made green freshly home made pasta (with spinach) with mushrooms, asparagus, and walnuts. Absolutely delicious!

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