Tortelli dolci al forno (sweet baked “tortelli”)

IMG_20130915_174859_991This recipe is, once again, one of my grandma’s favorite. She used to make “tortelli” when I was little, and years ago I wanted to know how to make this delicious dessert, or just snack if you want, so we met one afternoon, and we baked. And we baked a lot! We ended up using the same doses she used when she was running the bakery “Forno Maselli” in Rubiera, Italy (now “Vecchio forno Maselli”). I let you imagine how much time we spent in the kitchen. I gave away tortelli for about a week!

Other than my love for baking, there is another reason why I made tortelli. About a year ago, it seems that I promise my friend Diana (see “a girls’ night out” post) that once she had been back to the States, I would make her 10 cakes. Other than having little recollection about this statement, I decided to make them anyway. Knowing her love for desserts, I though to surprise her with tortelli. It worked indeed! She loved them! Of course, now you should expect more cakes recipes…

I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy cooking and sharing my passion with you all!   Here is what you need to make TORTELLI:

420g all purpose flour

100g corn or potato starch

2 egg yolks and 1 whole egg (room temperature)

1 more egg yolk

25g of baking powder

180g cane sugar

100g unsalted butter

200ml milk (room temperature)

Marmalade and jam of your favorite flavor

Room temperature water


Preheat the oven at 180C or 375F

Ahead of times, leave the butter outside the fridge so it gets soft, but do not melt it or warm it up before mixing it with the other ingredients. Once the butter is soft and easy to work, you can mix the two flours, baking powder, sugar, butter, and eggs in a large and not deep bowl. If you are an expert baker, you can make a “flour volcano” with the flours and baking powder, and in its “crater” mix the sugar, eggs and butter and start working it. Gradually add the milk. If the mix is too soft and wet, add a bit more flour.

Once the mix starts getting together, continue to mix it very well for a few minutes until you obtain a beautiful yellow dough ball. Like this one!

IMG_20130915_161204_686Since the dough was too much, I divided it in two parts and worked one at the time. Unless you have a very big table or surface to roll out the dough with a rolling pin, it is just easier to roll out smaller pieces. Your dough should not be thicker than 3mm. In the mix there is already baking powder and the tortelli will raise while cooking. To avoid having tortelli made only by dough, roll out the dough thinner than thicker.

Once the dough is rolled out, obtain rounds (10cm diameter) with the help of a glass or a mug. Remember not to make small rounds because you will have to fill and close them afterwards and you want to have enough dough to do so.IMG_20130915_163025_033

Remove the extra dough and keep it for more rounds. If the rounds you made are too tick, flatten them a bit more with the rolling pin. Fill the middle of the dough with some jam or your choice (I picked marmalade and mixed berry jam). Do not put too much and be sure it is not too liquid otherwise it will go out the tortelli while they bake. IMG_20130915_163152_545

Now we have to close the rounds. A trick to make sure that both sides stick together is to pass some water with your finger on half of the dough and then fold the opposite side on it. With the help of a fork, seal the dough and voila’! You have a TORTELLO!

Before cooking them, put the extra egg yolk in a small bowl, whisk it and with either a cooking brush or your finger (like I did), cover the surface of the tortelli. This will give them a nice golden color once they are cooked.


Put the tortelli on a non sticking baking pan or tray or on wax paper. Put them in the oven for about 10 – 15 min according to what type of oven you have. Place the tray them in the middle height to allow a homogeneous cooking. It may take less time, so be sure to check every 5 min that they are ready.

Spread with some icing sugar once they have cooled down.

Here you go! Delicious TORTELLI DOLCI ! A typical Italian recipe from the region Emilia Romagna! Enjoy them alone or with a glass of milk for breakfast…mmm….so yummy!






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