Apple picking and…apple sauce

DSC07507There is probably no other place like upstate NY during the Fall season. Or maybe there is. Vermont. The view the nature provides when the foliage change color is unique in its gender and unfortunately it only lasts a few weeks every year. It almost feels like being in a painting. But this is a real one.

Diana, Austin, and I, decided to visit VT, the last week of October, and we could not pick a better time. The colors were countless and stunning.


With countless trails for every hikers, Vermont is really a paradise for a weekend getaway!

DSC07530DSC07537Together with New York State, Vermont has also plenty of farms where you can go apple picking, a Fall activity you really cannot miss if you are visiting one of these two states. Our private “guide” Austin, knows basically everything about Vermont and its farms, and took us to a great one!

DSC07593 DSC07594IMG_20131013_174619_955Apple testing: checked! It does not really get better than this!

IMG_20131013_100035_351Now the question is: what am I going to do with all the apples I picked? Well, other than a delicious apple cake (see recipe in earlier post), the second though was: apple sauce! The problem is that I have never made apple sauce before.

When I was little my mom used to grate the apple, and that was my apple sauce. It was so good I still remember it. However, now it is time to take it to the next level and make some serious apple sauce. My colleague Jeanne N. is an expert and gave me a very easy and simply delicious recipe. Here is what you need:

Apples, water, and to give it flavor can add: cinnamon (powder or stick as you prefer), nutmeg, lemon juice and/or zest. You can also try to combine those ingredients as I did.

How do we make it? It is very simple. Just peel and chop the apples in equal pieces. Place them in a pot without filling it, leave one finger from the top. Add some cold water, one or two fingers max. Add the spices you like. Do not add any sugar or pectin since apples naturally contain pectin and sugars, and especially when the apples are freshly picked, they are juicy and sweet. Cover with the lid. Place on medium fire and wait till it boils. Lower the fire and let it boil slowly for at least 20 – 25 min. Stir occasionally.


You will notice that the apples start becoming a puree. I personally like to have some apple chunks left, but after you remove the apples from the fire, you can blend them to make a fine puree (if you decide to use cinnamon sticks, remember to remove them before you vase the apples).

It’s totally up to you!  I decided to vase them! This is my Fall production!  It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s delicious!


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