Pumpkin cubes


If there is a beautiful and delicious” fruit” of the Fall, well, this is the pumpkin!


There are so many varieties and countless dishes you can create. One of the pumpkin type is the butternut squash and if you look at my old recipes, you will find it. So easy and so delicious.  Also, check out my “Tortelli di Zucca”, another fantastic way to use this amazingly versatile vegetable.

Today, however, I want to make a dessert, a  pumpkin cake!


Here is what you need for the pumpkin cubes:

500g of boiled pumpkin

150g of all purpose flour

75g of corn or potato starch

80g of unsalted butter

150g of cane sugar

2 whole eggs

25g of baking powder

Cinnamon powder and nutmeg

Kernels from 15 whole walnuts

100g of plain non fat yogurt

Milk if needed



Boil the pumpkin and once it is soft, place it in a bowl. Add cinnamon and nutmeg (as much as you like, but keep in mind that both spices have quite a strong taste) and, with the help of a fork, mix it all together until you obtain an homogeneous mix.


In a larger bowl, mix the eggs with the sugar until well combined. Add the butter and the yogurt. Mix all together with the help of a whisk. Add the two flours and add some milk if the mix is too thick. Finely cut the walnuts kernels and add them to the mix. Finally, add the baking powder. Now, add the pumpkin mix to the other mix.

IMG_20131103_205425_006Combine the two until well mixed and place the mix in a baking pan you have previously butter and whiten with flour.


Place in the oven at C 180 (375 F) for about 35 – 45 min according to what oven you have.  Let it cool down and cut the cake in small cubes, or the shape you prefer and white with some icing sugar. Voila!


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3 thoughts on “Pumpkin cubes

  1. Jeff Steinberg on said:

    Looks tasty. When do I get to try!

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