Spring Salad

IMG_1250It is March 30th and here in Albany, NY, the Spring has not come yet. Technically, it has arrived on the calendar but not really weather wise. However, I have decided to make a light Spring salad anyway hoping for the warmer weather to come faster.


– Romaine lettuce

– peeled and sliced almonds

– avocado

– apple, pink lady

– goat cheese


Chop the lettuce, cut and chop half of the apple leaving the skin where all the good nutrients are and cut some avocado slices; complete by adding some almonds and goat cheese. Simply mix all the ingredients and toss with some extra virgin olive oil, and pepper.  No salt was added since the goat cheese has already a strong flavor, but you can add some to taste.

And voila’, here is a fantastic, quick, and delicious Spring salad!


I hope you will make it at home, and stay tuned for the next recipe!


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One thought on “Spring Salad

  1. there are not more between seasons !!

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