Off the menu. Heirloom and Pop Corn


Recently, I started growing basil and some other herbs on my balcony. The basil is finally big enough so I can use it, and one of the best way is to do so is to make a tomatoes salad. Here I give you a simple and delicious recipe I made up last night: heirloom and pop corn.

What you need is:

– heirloom tomatoes

– fresh basil

– corn to pop

– extra virgin olive oil

– salt, pepper, and dry oregano

How to make it.

Pop the corn and, while still warm, add some pepper, salt, and oregano and olive oil and mix it all,

Wash and chop the tomatoes and the basil leaves. Dress with only olive oil and a pinch of salt. The heirloom tomatoes are particularly juicy and perfect for a (end of) the Summer recipe.

Done! Easy, quick, healthy, and simply delicious!


I decided to match this salad with a Chardonnay, Blason de Burgogne 2012


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Stay tuned for the next recipe!

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