Insalata di Jicama

IMG_1795Fall has (technically) arrived on the calendar, although in San Diego it is still Summer; temperatures in the 30C (80 – 90F), sunshine most of the day, and plenty of surfers around the many beautiful beaches that Southern California has to offer.   Thanks to the great warm weather almost all year long, the farmers are able to provide a wider variety of fruit and vegetables that would be imported in other parts of the country.

In San Diego there are several Farmers Market   during the week around its neighbors. Sunday is the turn of Hillcrest Farmers Market. It is a few blocks away from where I live, and I often take a walk there on Sunday to buy fresh fruit and veggies. IMG_1788Last Sunday I found this gorgeous and super sweet pomegranate and I decided to make something special, something different with it. I had some jicama already at home so I  got creative and made a salad, a jicama salad!   Jicama is a root, not so popular in many countries and in others is better known as Swedish beet. It is very poor in calories and rich in anti-oxidants, fiber, and vitamin C and it is very refreshing. It tastes like “earth” like my friend Nell always says.  Jicama does not have a strong taste; it is actually pretty plain, and therefore it goes together very well with both sweet and savory flavors.   For this salad you need:

– 1/2 jicama

– 1/2 pomegranate seeds

– 1/4fennel

– 1/4 pink lady apple (small)

– extra virgin olive oil, 2 table spoons

– fresh sage leaves (possibly organic)

– pomegranate vinegar, 2 table spoons

– salt and pepper



Extract the seeds from the pomegranate. Julienne cut the jicama, the fennel and the apple. Add the pomegranate seeds. Chop the sage leaves very finely and add them to the mix you created. In a little bowl, mix the vinegar to the oil, the salt and pepper and dress the veggies and pomegranate seeds. Mix it all together and serve.


Voila’! 15 minutes and a delicious and nutritious salad is done!


I hope you will try it soon and don’t forget to leave your feedback!  Stay tuned for the next recipe!

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