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IMG_2459Who did not have leftover after Thanksgiving? It is almost a must, almost as if it was part of the tradition. As my boyfriend, Jeff, had overnight call on Thankgiving day, I was blesses enough to be invited by one of my colleagues to spend the day with her and her daughter. Although Thankgiving is not part of the Italian traditional holidays, I have celebrated it since I moved to the USA, and as part of my boyfriend’s traditions, I will continue to celebrate it according to the tradition.

Here is my post-Thanksgiving sandwich. We really don’t want to waste any of the goodies! Here is what you need to make this bad boy:

– leftover turkey

– freshly baked bread – I chose Sourdough

– Extra Virgin olive Oil (EVO)

– plain non-fat yogurt – Greek is good too, but a bit heavier

– lettuce and radicchio

– fresh parsley and marjoram

– garlic

– lemon

– salt and pepper


As you can see, I have not written specific quantities as it depends on how much leftover you have. To start, prep the yogurt with the herbs which will be the sauce as we will not use any mayo or mustard; let’s keep it light! Chop the parsley and marjoram very finely and add it to the yogurt along with some drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice, olive oi, salt and pepper.

IMG_2447Now, start prepping the bread. Grill it on both sides on a pan; once crunchy, spread some garlic and brush some EVO on the same side then put it again on the pan for a couple of minutes on the side where you spread garlic and EVO. In the meantime, warm up the turkey in the microwave.

IMG_2449Start making the sandwich by simply spreading the yogurt sauce, the lettuce and radicchio, and the turkey. Finish with some EVO and salt and pepper according to your taste.


Here you go!



IMG_2456I found it delicious but I want to know what you think about it! I am sure you still have some leftover turkey in the fridge. And I am curious to know what your post-Thanksgiving sandwich was. Leave a feedback below, and stay tuned for the next recipe!

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