Palm Springs

IMG_2659Where is Palm Springs? Am I the only one to have wondered it? Or maybe it’s a question many more have asked themselves? Honestly, with a name like this, I have always thought it was a sunny little fancy beach spot somewhere in Southern California, but apparently I was wrong. So wrong. Palm Springs is indeed a little fancy spot…located in the middle of the desert roughly two and a half hour east of San Diego! Last December, I spent there a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many things Palm Springs has to offer. Here are some highlights I want to share with you all.


The first day we visited the Art Museum ( which reminded me a lot of the MoMa in NYC due to its internal design.


IMG_2557 IMG_2559It is a smaller museum, only 4 floors, but well organized and with very interesting and diverse exhibits including a glass sculptures exhibit.


The second day, we started the day with a real American breakfast in a very American diner. I have watched so many American movies and series growing up and the characters were always having meals at the city best diner. I had to try for myself!


It is not certainly a place where to get a gourmet meal, but the dishes are hearty, the service is good, and the taste is so comforting!


A very classic veggy and ham omelette with hash browns, fruit and oat meal.



In the afternoon, we took the world’s largest rotating tramcar that took us from the floor of the Coachella Valley to almost the top of San Jacinto mountain. The ride is about 12 minutes and the view from the tramcar is spectacular!





It really gives you a phenomenal view on the valley!


In less than 12 minutes you go from 2,643 ft (806 m) to  8,516 ft (2,596 m). Impressive!IMG_2626


We finished our trip by going to the Palm Desert; a beautiful oasis raising over a spring in the middle of the beautiful, dry, magic Coachella Valley.

IMG_2635 IMG_2636




And a last stop was dedicated to the dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs; just like those in the movie The Wizard…which I have watched a countless number of times as a child. Giant dinos in the middle of the desert!



So big they don’t all fit in my picture! Well, Palm Springs was great! Just a suggestion; make sure yo go in the Winter or Spring as the Summer tends to be extremely hot! Let me know what you think and remember to stay tuned for the next post!

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One thought on “Palm Springs

  1. Jeff on said:

    Great weekend Getaway!! Gondola to the top was amazing and the modern art museum had some great pieces. And best of all….got to share it all with you ; )

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