Oh Firenze!


IMG_2017Florence is probably one of my favorite Italian cities. I am very lucky because it is located less than two hours fro my home town, Modena, and I can easily visit it when I go home. I spent a few days in Florence with my boyfriend last November and I want to share some shots with you.

IMG_1937The leather is one of the things Tuscany and Florence are famous not only in Italy, but all over the world.  These are some of the accessories sold at the “San Lorenzo” street market.

IMG_1938By producing and dying the leather in Tuscany, the sellers are able to keep a low price for a high quality finished product.

IMG_1939You definitely want to support the local producers by bringing home a unique little piece of Italy.

IMG_1940 IMG_1941

IMG_2222Below you can admire a view of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral.  The cupola was finished in 1471 and the facade in 1887.

IMG_2015Night view of the facade.

IMG_1981Details: the bell tower. Its construction was started in around 1298 by Giotto. You can climb it till the top having a priceless view on the city center.


IMG_2141I told you I did not go alone…

IMG_2058View on the Santa Croce cathedral.



Palazzo Vecchio, also known as Palazzo della Signoria. Its constructions began in 1299 by the architect Arnolfo del Cambio. In the past it was mainly the residence of the lord of the city and the city council. Nowadays is home of the Florence city hall.

IMG_1942Details: the fountain of Nettuno located right next to Palazzo Vecchio


IMG_2016Florence is also famous for its delicious food. My boyfriend and I found the perfect place to snack and drink delicious wine: Osteria Natalino, which I strongly recommend as you can taste authentic Florentine food and wine (http://www.ristorantenatalino.com/). The Osteria offers both restaurant and winehouse where you can enjoy the Happy Hour.


Happy hour in Italy is this simple: buy one drink and enjoy as much home made food as you want!

IMG_1960My boyfriend certainly knows how to appreciate it!


IMG_1966Olive Ascolane is a traditional Tuscan finger food treat made of filled sweet olives with meat, cheese, herbs, spices and then fried. So delicious you can’t stop eating them!




Gelateria Vivoli (http://www.vivoli.it/) is known to have one of the best gelato in Florence, and some say one of the best in Italy. Well, I can tell you that after trying hundreds gelatos around Italy and around the world, this is probably one of the best! Needless to say that it is home made.

IMG_2109This gelateria is located in a tiny alley in the heart of Florence and the gelato was worth the 45 minutes search.

IMG_2105IMG_2107IMG_2215Last but not least, the Ponte Vecchio, under which the Arno river flows.


IMG_2070I hope you have enjoyed this virtual journey, more will follow! Leave your feedback and stay tuned for the next post.


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2 thoughts on “Oh Firenze!

  1. Jeff S. on said:

    i think we should book another trip back!…..ciao 😉

  2. Oh we will, Jeff!

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