Spaghetti al pesto alla Genovese

Although some say that pasta was originally invented in Orient, it is without doubt one of the dishes that made Italian cuisine renown around the world. With easily over 1000 pasta dishes across the 20 Italian regions, we can say that Italy is the capitol of pasta. Here I give you pasta with Pesto alla Genovese which I have made a while ago; you can see the recipe here:


For this dish you need the following ingredients

– whole wheat spaghetti (100g per person)

– Parmigian cheese

– Pesto alla Genovese

– Extra virgin olive oil

– large grain salt



Place some water to boil in a large and deep pot, and when it reaches a boil, add some salt. There is not a specific amount, but you may want to add half a fist; you can add more later if needed. This will give an initial flavor to the pasta. Now you can put the pasta into the water. Let it cook until “al dente” or for the time specified on the box.

Once cooked, rinse the water with the help of a colander, place the pasta in a large bowl and add some oil so it will not stick. Now you can add the Pesto all Genovese and mix it all together.


Don’t forget to grate some fresh Parmigian cheese on it, and stay tuned for the next yummy recipe!

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