Cous Cous Israeliano alla rapa

Sometimes, when you don’t have much in the kitchen, is when you get the most creative. A few weeks ago, I wanted to treat myself with a yummy dinner but, unfortunately, when I opened the fridge I realized I only a few veggies, eggs, and an avocado; in the pantry I had some pasta and other grains (rice, farro, quinoa, kamut,…) which I always keep because you never know. I gave it a try and decided to get creative. Israeli cous cous and beets; let’s see how they taste together!

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– Yellow and Red beets, roasted or boiled

– Israeli cous cous cooked

– parsley

– EVO oil

– large grain salt

– salt and pepper

– Parmigiano cheese and basil to decorate


Boil (or roast) the yellow and red beets; cook them separately so they yellow ones will not change color. Peel and chop them in equal size cubes always keeping the yellow and red in separate bowls. Put some water to boil and put some large grain salt in it for taste. In the meantime, chop some parsley finely. Pour the cous cous and cook for about 10 min; drain the water and plate. Yes, it is this easy!

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I decorated with some Parmigiano cheese and basil to give it some extra taste.

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It turned out delicious. For real.

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I also enjoyed very much much mixing all the colors. I hope you will try this dish at home and love it as much as I did! It’s very light and healthy.

And remember to stay tuned for the next recipe!



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