Insalata di Rape con Capesante e Salmone

As I mentioned in another of my blog posts, scallop is one of my favorite sea food. Salmon is probably my second favorite, and also one of the healthiest fish. A few nights ago, I was in the mood for a salad and some sea food, so I went to the grocery store and grabbed what looked good that night. This is what I ended up making.


– 1 piece of salmon fillet

– scallops

– 1 avocado

– 2 medium beets

– goat cheese

– romaine or butter lettuce

– salt and pepper

– EVO oil as needed


Cook the beets in salted water till tender; this will probably take 35 – 45 min. I boiled them but roasted or bought already cooked will do too. When the beets are halfway cooked, take out of the fridge the scallops and the salmon. Make sure they rest outside of the fridge for at least 15 min before you cook them. On the side of the skin, place two cuts superficially (1/2 inch deep, not all the way through).

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Season the scallops and the salmon with salt and pepper (or by adding your favorite spices) making sure you place some salt and pepper inside the two cuts; this will give the salmon some extra taste. While the beets finish to cook, start preparing the salad; chop the lettuce, cut the avocado into small pieces and finish with some goat cheese. Once the beets are ready, peel them and cut them in small pieces and allow to cool down while you cook the sea food.

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Preheat some EVO oil in a pan and once warm, start cooking the salmon from the skin side. Once it is cooked halfway through, turn the salmon. The 2 cuts you placed previously, will allow the salmon too cook evenly and you will have to flip it only one time.

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In a different pan, preheat some EVO oil and once warm, start cooking the scallops. Once golden, which will take not more then 2 minutes, turn them for another 2 minutes and they will be ready. Finish the salad with the beet, the sea food and some EVO oil.

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Voila’! A pretty simple but delicious and healthy recipe. I hope you will try it at home and stay tuned for the next yummy dish!


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