Ciambella Marmorizzata

La “Ciambella”, or bundt cake, is a traditional Italian dessert. A classic for every season and every occasion. It is made of a few basic ingredients and it is easy to personalize and decorate. Here is the recipe of the Ciambella Marmorizzata, a Marble Bundt cake.


– 5 eggs

– 16 oz all purpose flour (455g)

– 0.6 oz baking powder (1 bag of lievito Pane Angeli)

– 1 tea spoon organic pure vanilla extract

– 1 oz coconut flour (30g)

– 8.5 oz milk

– 10.5 oz sugar (300g)

– 7.0 oz unsalted butter (200g)

– 2.5 oz ricotta cheese

– 1 oz unsweetened cocoa powder

– a pinch of salt

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Preheat the oven to 356F (180C).

Place the soft butter and the sugar in an electric mixer and mix at a medium speed until soft. Add one egg at the time and keep mixing; add the vanilla and the salt too. Stop the mixer and add the ricotta and keep mixing at a medium speed. In the meantime, sift the flower and start adding it to the mix alternating it with some milk. When all the ingredients are well blended, sift the baking power and keep mixing. In the meantime, butter and flour the bundt cake pan. Once the mix is ready, pour half of it into the baking pan and keep the other half in the mixer; add the cocoa power and mix it together.

to edit 1Add the chocolate part of he mix into the cake pan.

to edit 3Pass a wooden stick around the cake to mix the two flavors and bake for 45 min. To verify that it is cooked, stick the cake with a tooth pick and if it comes out dry, the cake is ready.

to edit 2The cake is ready and it will likely end up with some cracks at top. Since the top of the cake, will be the bottom, once the cake is cool, you can even the surface with a knife to make sure that it will stand on the cake stand.

to edit 5

Voila’! The Marble Bundt cake is ready…and delicious!

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Remember to leave a comment and a feedback if you will make it following my recipe, and stay tuned for the next recipe!


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