Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that I recently discovered. Since sometimes it ca be quite pricey to buy, I decided I was going to make it myself. Well, the result was great and I decided to share it with you. Here is what you need; quantities vary.



– Yellow tail

– Ahi Tuna

– fresh ginger

– soy sauce

– Dijon mustard

– honey

– lime juice

– basil

– lemon scented salt, pepper, and garlic powder

– chilly flakes or chilly powder (optional)


In a large bowl mix all the ingredients with the exception of the fish to make the marinade. Cut the Yellow tail and the Ahi in small cubes and mix them to the marinade. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it sit for not less than 30 min stirring every 10-15 min. You will notice that the fish will slightly “cook” due to the citric acid in the lime. This is ok and will give extra flavor to the fish.

Serve on a plate and Poke is done! This is a very easy and fairly quick dish that is perfect for a hot Summer day with good company.



I hope you will make it again and enjoy it as much as I did! Don’t forget to like this post and stay tuned for the next delicious dish!

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