Salmon with Indian curry flavored cous cous

Recently, I started collaborating with Seasonality Spices  and I have been using their Maharajah (Indian curry) for some of my dishes. I love their spices which are all natural, organic, vegan and fair trade and have amazing flavors. When i cook with spices, which I do in almost all my dishes, the house just fills up with intense flavors and I travel to exotic places which I am hoping to visit one day. For the time being, I have fun mixing and matching ingredients in the kitchen.

I went to Whole Foods the other day and they had this freshly caught wild salmon which I could not resist. Salmon is one of my favorite fish if not MY FAVORITE. It has that buttery taste that many other fish don’t have so I decided to pair it with Israeli cous cous flavored with Seasonality Spices Maharajah and shallot. Here is what you need.


– 1/4 lb wild salmon (140 – 150g)

– 1/4 cup uncooked Israeli cous cous

– 1tbs Seasonality Spices Maharajah (Indian Curry)

– EVO oil as needed

– 2 small shallots roughly chopped

– peeled and sliced almonds

– parsley

– salt and pepper

– large grain salt



Pre heat the oven to 356F (180C) and add some salt and pepper to the salmon. In a small pot, put some water to boil and when it boils add some large grain salt, approximately 1 abundant Tbsp. Lower the heat to medium and add the cous cous; you can add a few drops of EVO oil so it won’t stick. It will probably take about 10 minutes to cook, but I usually try it to make sure it’s not overcooked. Once done, drain the water, transfer to a bowl and add some EVO oil so it won’t stick.

To the shallot now! In a large non stick pan, sautee the shallot in some EVO oil adding some salt to flavor it. Place the salmon in a large glass oven pan and cook it skin down for about 15 min on the middle rack. Cook more if you prefer it drier, I personally prefer it softer.

Once the shallot are sauteed, add the cous cous to it and generously add the amazing Maharajah by Seasonality Spices. Add some almonds on top and some parsley and plate the salmon.


Dinner is served! Some of the reasons why I love this dish is because it’s very easy to make, it does not require too many steps or skills, and the result is so delicious.


I hope you try this dish at home and leave me a comment. Follow me if you’d like and stay tuned for the next delicious recipe.




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